CashTrax offers business value

to your existing accounting process through its unique functional features
Streamlined process

A uniform and streamlined reconciliation approach irrespective of the type and volume of funds, custodian accounts and legal entities

Intelligent Importer

Imports fund and custodian accounts data in a flexible manner and at desired frequency. The support for multiple file formats is a huge value add

Breaks Management

Categorize breaks as per age (days pending for closure) to uncover the sources of errors, better visibility and resolution, and improve efficiency

Usability Focused

A robust and reliable user-flexible interface that guides even a novice user through to quickly automate the reconciliation process

Superior Control

Allows business users to collaborate on exception inquiry and resolution. Enhances overall control and visibility of various funds and accounts

Benchmarking Process

Does automated reconciliations using recon templates that ensure consistency and uniformity in the way accounts are reconciled and tracked

Practical Functional Features

that are bound to revolutionalize the way you handle reconciliations
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