Intelligently Crafted to Achieve
Operational Efficiency by Automating Reconciliations

Business benefits that surpass the cost of implementation
Cost-Effective and Efficient

  • Processes large volumes of transactions on a daily basis on a highly scalable platform
  • Improves productivity
  • Immensely Reduces staffing cost
  • Less risk of fraudulent activity hence better Risk Management

Zero Junk Data

  • Corroborate and reconcile only appropriate accounting data
  • Minimal scope for data mismatch
  • Easily identify patterns that prevent occurrence of analogous and repetitive breaks
  • Intuitive and user-friendly GUI

No Scope For Error

  • Controlled import of internal and custodian accounts via customized table header columns
  • Fully automated reconciliation Process
  • Little to zero need for human intervention

Insightful, Accurate and Prompt

  • Insightful reports that empower well-informed decision making
  • Deliberate and reconcile real transactions – no junk data, only real transactions are reconciled, saves time and effort

Lowly Adjustments

  • Adjustments / tolerance amount down to a maximum of $0.99
  • Minimal scope for data mismatch
  • Records all data in the form of reconciliation history so that you don’t miss the trail

Consistent Performance

  • Consistent in automated reconciliation irrespective of the number of funds, legal entities, custodians and corporate accounts
  • No data duplication or cumbersome manual data reconciliation

One-stop reconciliation solution that offers…

Centralized Control of Reconciliation process
Effective Break Management and Smart Usability
Data Accuracy and Data Security
Zero Audit Risks & Automated Reconciliation
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