Rule-based Reconciliations

An intuitive solution that offers rule-based approach to perform reconciliations with high accuracy
Breaks by Age

Summarized view of real-time data, reconciliations with relevant statuses, breaks by age, interfaces, notifications and reminders

Multiple Currencies

Customer-specific templates, matching rules, files interfaces and effective break management for performing automated reconciliations

Automated Reconciliation

Effectively manage reconciliation process between custodian accounts and internal accounting systems, funds and legal entities

One-stop reconciliation solution that offers…

Centralized Control of Reconciliation process
Effective Break Management and Smart Usability
Data Accuracy and Data Security
Zero Audit Risks & Automated Reconciliation

Improves speed and accuracy
of your reconciliation process

Leaders can continuously monitor and evaluate performance to drive further process optimization by leveraging a combination of data

Process standardization, embedded internal controls, real-time reporting and dashboards, accounting and finance

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Reconcile from anywhere with our web or mobile software

Through configurable, rules-based certification and matching workflows, organizations are able to put an end to mundane tasks and enable teams to apply their valuable skills to larger issues that support strategic business objectives

Controlled roles-based access and automated journal validation

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