CashTrax Modules

that offers rule-based reconciliations on top of a simple and smart UI
Setup Module

  • Setting up of customer master data such as funds and portfolios
  • Fund and custodian accounts
  • Legal entities and legal entities by custodian
  • Create reconciliation plans and file interfaces

Files and Ledgers

  • Upload customer internal and custodian bank statements via customized table columns
  • Create cash and position ledgers and adjustments

Breaks & Administration

  • Manage and position breaks
  • Summary – By User, By Fund, By Currency, Statistics
  • Administer email queues, groups, users, roles and privileges
  • Purge

Insightful and real-time
view of reconciliations

The CashTrax dashboard provides an insightful and real-time view of reconciliations categorized under status, fund, asset, cash, and position

The format is visually appealing and simple to use.

The Reconciliations

Makes it easy to assign reconciliation tasks to the team, work-in-progress status of assigned tasks, access to tasks history, and daily status reporting

Visibility in to account reconciliation status

One-stop reconciliation solution that offers…

Centralized Control of Reconciliation process
Effective Break Management and Smart Usability
Data Accuracy and Data Security
Zero Audit Risks & Automated Reconciliation
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